Embody Your Best:
Physically, Mentally & Professionally


“After several years of working with L., I am pleased to say that her personal interest and efforts with me have resulted in improved posture and awareness of correct posture. Throughout the day, sitting at the office, walking on the street or working at home on the computer, I hear L.'s voice reminding me to "keep the shoulder blades on the back", "open the upper chest", "look ahead and not down", and "engage my abdominals". 

​- M. Steinberg, Chief Development Officer

"I am not sure what you did, but that was good!  You have such knowledge, it was really fantastic seeing you take that room away and educate our employees."

- N. Ridgey, EAP Director

"L. developed a comprehensive wellness program for our team.  She conducted focus groups with employees before administering ergonomic assessments.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious -- we remind each other to take "stretch breaks", and opt for walking meetings whenever possible. 

Participants reported "less pain" and "more energy" over the last 12-months.  I recommend L. without hesitation."

- D. Mash, Managing Partner

"If I ever had a headache or backache before our meeting, I knew that after one hour, L. would liberate me from the pain.  No need to take aspirin or Tylenol if she is on the job.​

L. has such a healing spirit, that is so rare in our hard New York.  She is sensitive and strong at the same time.  I was fortunate to work with L both in a workshop at the Harvard Club and privately in my home. No matter where, L makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.  She was able to customize a program that is perfect for me."

​- D. Roskies, Esq., Estate Lawyer

"I tried to quit smoking for a handful of years but working with L. was instrumental in my kicking the habit once and for all.  She taught me ways to replace the tobacco with healthier habits and I can honestly say that I do not miss being a smoker."

- B. Holmes, Architect 

"My yoga experience has been a very relaxing and stress-free time, in a warm and supportive interaction with L. I have been taking yoga as a way of increasing my flexibility and mobility to counterbalance 50 years of weight training and team athletics, that have left me with very little cartilage or mobility in either of my knees or shoulders. L. has helped me extend my range of motion and encouraged me to reach outside my comfort zone, without having me feel or be self-conscious. I look forward to the sessions with her and find that they help set up my day in a positive, and life affirming way, filled with an inner peace and serenity that, if I had been told I would find that, I would have laughed at her. She is a bright spot that brings her own unique perspective to every encounter."

​- A. Brown, Esq., Partner

"Working with L. has improved my posture, breathing, outlook and overall strength.  I've improved my posture at work, counteracting long days of sitting with stretches and an awareness that has allowed me to be more comfortable and focused."

- C. Frankenfield, CFA

"All anyone can say is how positive and effective your training was... They also loved your soothing voice!"

- N. Willecke, Senior Scholar Advisor