Embody Your Best:
Physically, Mentally & Professionally


L. Barbour is a Worksite Wellness Specialist, Integrative Health Consultant and Corporate Trainer.  She specializes in office ergonomics, exercise, work-life integration, mindfulness and stress management strategies.  She leads training programs at Ivy League Institutions (Yale Club, Harvard Club, Columbia University), REI, Michelin Star Restaurants & 5-Star Hotels.  L. also works with Fortune 500 Companies and EAPs to identify best practices to optimize employee wellness programs. Her mission is educating, motivating and empowering people with tools to embody their best selves physically, mentally and professionally.  If you are ready to increase resilience, reduce nagging aches and pains and reclaim your energy, then it is time to schedule a consultation. 

A devoted yoga practitioner for almost 20 years, L. knows a quality teacher is a lifelong student, and combines her expertise in corporate training with her ongoing commitment to education.  After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, L. moved to Manhattan to work during the height of the dot-com boom.  "Work-Life Balance" was not even on the radar, as working late nights and weekends at the office were the norm.

In early 2003, she completed a 3 month program with residency at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.  L. trained in mindfulness, yoga philosophy and breathing techniques (pranayama). She returned to NYC to inspire others to strengthen the profound relationship between the mind, the breath and the body, and promote sustainable work-life integration.  She received her certifications from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Kripalu Center in 2005.  L. is a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist through the National Wellness Institute, and completed her Office Ergonomics Training with HumanScale Consulting.  She applies ergonomic principles to reduce RSIs, computer vision syndrome and increase energy.  Since ~12 hours of the day is invested in sedentary behavior, therefore, enhancing posture, conscious breath and refining movement (patterns and frequency) are of paramount importance in order to protect vital organs, sustain health and optimize energy levels.

The way you breathe, move, eat and communicate profoundly influence your quality of life.  L. developed The Core 4 Elements in 2013, when a private client invited L. to speak at his company to increase employee morale and engagement.  She firmly believes that one must "recharge their own batteries" in order to perform optimally.  

If you want to manage stress more effectively, reduce pain and increase energy (naturally), schedule a brief consultation to learn more and prioritize your most valuable asset -- your health.